Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black Friday Sale!!!

Black Friday Sale - November 29th
My Home
3070 Hawthorne Blvd.
St. Louis 63104
Hope you'll join us!

Monday, November 4, 2013

So much to share...

Lots going on over here and my little blog has been neglected to say the least. I didn't post about Faith's 15th birthday, so I'll put her first. Let's call this photo, "Predriving Teen with Huge Potato"?
We dug our sweet potatoes yesterday and had our biggest harvest yet. The soil just keeps getting better and better.
We had so many that David and I loaded them into a wagon and walked our block giving them away. We still have plenty to get us through most of the winter. And talking to neighbors was a great way to ring in these shorter days - the "rhythm" of which I do not always embrace.
It's November and I'm now getting ready for my Black Friday sale. I'll post the invite to that tomorrow. If you live in St. Louis, and like to shop on Black Friday, I hope you'll pop in.
Life is very good, but busy in ways we have not been prepared for. Having a kid in elementary, middle and high school is challenging (the schedules alone - oh my!) in many ways and we are missing some quiet family days over here.
My business has about three directions in which it can grow, and I'm still discerning all the possibilities. And did I mention that all of my kids have Celiac Disease? This means that our kitchen life has changed significantly - again, all manageable, but still feels quite big.
And finally, I think I went through a little creative crisis this year - spending more time quantifying my work and where is compares, what is is worth, rather than just enjoying it. My blog life just disappeared and this is probably the biggest factor in this.
So after the new year, I am planning to re-vamp this space completely. I want to post about my creative process without worrying about the product. I want to bring back Studio Tour Thursdays - I know my friends are missing it and I love doing it. And I want to bring a food component to this blog since our family has converted to being gluten free - I won't be posting as an expert or a "foodie" - I'll be posting as a student and a person who is "in it" in real time as we learn and make changes and grow. Thanks for checking in. xo