Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make Your Own Journal/Notebook Class!

There was this great line in Sex and the City years ago. David Duchovny's character tells Cary, after she confides that she doesn't know how to hike: "I've got a secret for you. Hiking is walking..." The word "journaling" also seems to produce intimidation in many of us. Well, I have a secret for you. Journaling is keeping lists, scribbling notes, doodling when you're on the phone, brainstorming. It's not all works of art and pre-works of literature. Trust me.  So if you're a person with a concrete journaling routine, or a person who just loves to jot things down (even when we all know our phones can do it for us), this class is for you! Hope you'll join us!
One-Word Intention - Make Your Own Journal/Notebook
One Session - 10 spaces per session
(includes all supplies to complete one book, light refreshments)

Thursday, January 19th 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Wednesday, January 25th 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Tuesday, January 31st 10 a.m. to noon

Location: My Art Room, Compton Heights, St. Louis City (44 and Grand)
 "A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow. From my own personal experience, it can be a catalyst for enriching your life." Ali Edwards, artist
Have you heard about setting a "one-word intention" for the new year? This is not a resolution. it is simply a reminder of an essence or idea that you would like to cling to/reach for/honor in the coming months. In this class we will talk about one-word intentions and create one-of-a-kind journals/notebooks to hold your to do lists, your goals, your recipes, your secrets, your dreams. 
We will collage our word onto the cover of an upcycled Readers Digest book. Next we'll find a source of inspiration (an image, a quote perhaps?) for the back. Then we will collage the inside covers to reflect each of our personal styles and loves. Nature, fashion, art, exercise, me, I'll have the supplies you need to make a book that feels just like "you"!
Collage is simple and fun - demonstrations will be given. No artistic experience or ability necessary! Books will be filled with recycled, top quality writing papers and bound. This is a 2-hour class to give you plenty of time to explore, try a few things and get your book completely finished.
The journals measure approximately 7.5 inches by 5.25 inches - small enough to tuck into most purses.

To reserve your space, please email me at Please let me know how to contact you and which session you'd like to attend. Payment is due three days before class. I can invoice you (cash, Paypal or credit - just let me know). I'm sorry, but refunds for cancellations will not be given unless I can fill your space.
Hope to see you!!!

Want to read more about one-word intentions? Click here or here or here! xo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hiatus - see you here on February 1!

I'm taking the month of January "off" from blogging. Not really "off" from working, but "off" from my routine certainly, which is exciting. I have so much to get done but I hope you will join me back here on February 1st when I'll start posting my own new year's intentions, new projects and more (to be determined this month actually)! While I'm not here, I will be:

* Cleaning my basement/organizing my family (long overdue)
* making our play-room-turned-art-room, an art-room/family-room (almost there)
* going out for lunch and coffee and lunch and coffee with girlfriends, girlfriends, girlfriends!
* buying jeans and new tennis shoes (I won't bore you with what a difficult task this is for me)
* making myself a journal!
* doing at least one artsy thing just for the hellovit (very excited)
* paying my taxes and beating the January 31st deadline (yes, yes, yes)
* completing a long list of "real business" tasks that I avoided completely in 2011
* taking a deep breath and evaluating my last year's, mistakes, delights, lessons
* taking a deep breath and setting my goals for 2012
* making peace with our family's eating habits. While this is not a health/cooking/nutrition blog, I will be writing more about this in February. I just have oodles of health questions that are connected to nutrition (vegetarianism, gluten-free living, the pros and cons of vitamins, allergy prevention, adolescence and diet and on and on and on). I don't think three weeks of work will put much of a dent in my list but by February 1st, I will have a list and a plan to get to the bottom of some things. More later - hope you'll stick with me while I'm learning.

I hope January is just lovely for you! And I hope you'll pop back in next month - I'm so very thankful to be blogging and to have you visiting here! xo

P.S. Artwork above is by Kristen Powers - if I had a nursery to decorate, I would fill it with Kristen's beautiful spirit angel paintings! This painting will have a prominent place in my art room!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Puttering along...

Well, I have one child home, sickish, sleeping. This throws a major wrench in my "hit the ground running" plans for today, but oh well. There are lessons here, I know.

To those of you who have resolutions about cleaning, sorting and organizing, I have a book recommendation for you. If you are looking for something to just keep you motivated and help you with your thinking as you sort, organize and clean, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui is a perfect companion. A friend put this book in my hands years and years ago and I was skeptical. But I leafed through it one night trying to fall asleep and it inspired, energized, motivated and educated me in what I needed to do. Honestly. I revisit it every couple of years and it always helps me get my act together.

I have given this book to countless friends. I used to get the book back, but only because my friends would go out immediately and buy their own copy. Now, when I give one away, I simply tell my friends to pass it on when they're done with it. It's just such a lovely, positive, helpful, non-judgemental book.

I'm going to take a little blog break this month. I need to clean my basement, literally and figuratively. Details tomorrow. Thanks for checking in! xo

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We welcomed in the new year at our favorite cabin in the woods, where there is always a fire. Always. The rule seems to be, "Do whatever you want, as long as you're close to the fire..." And everyone is happy. We had dreamy warm weather (my kids dunked in the river - couldn't believe it) and by far the highlight was finding a dead beaver on the rock bank. Joey took a pliers from his Swiss Army knife and pulled out the beaver's front tooth - it looked like it was about a half inch long, but when he pulled it, it was really about three inches long and almost a full circle in shape. Fascinating (and gross)!

My biggest lesson is that from now on we have to travel with two cameras. I need to start taking photos of our kids taking photos. Especially of nature. Priceless.

Wishing you health and happiness and a bit of time to do what makes you click in 2012. Happy New Year from our family to yours. xo