Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hiatus - see you here on February 1!

I'm taking the month of January "off" from blogging. Not really "off" from working, but "off" from my routine certainly, which is exciting. I have so much to get done but I hope you will join me back here on February 1st when I'll start posting my own new year's intentions, new projects and more (to be determined this month actually)! While I'm not here, I will be:

* Cleaning my basement/organizing my family (long overdue)
* making our play-room-turned-art-room, an art-room/family-room (almost there)
* going out for lunch and coffee and lunch and coffee with girlfriends, girlfriends, girlfriends!
* buying jeans and new tennis shoes (I won't bore you with what a difficult task this is for me)
* making myself a journal!
* doing at least one artsy thing just for the hellovit (very excited)
* paying my taxes and beating the January 31st deadline (yes, yes, yes)
* completing a long list of "real business" tasks that I avoided completely in 2011
* taking a deep breath and evaluating my last year's, mistakes, delights, lessons
* taking a deep breath and setting my goals for 2012
* making peace with our family's eating habits. While this is not a health/cooking/nutrition blog, I will be writing more about this in February. I just have oodles of health questions that are connected to nutrition (vegetarianism, gluten-free living, the pros and cons of vitamins, allergy prevention, adolescence and diet and on and on and on). I don't think three weeks of work will put much of a dent in my list but by February 1st, I will have a list and a plan to get to the bottom of some things. More later - hope you'll stick with me while I'm learning.

I hope January is just lovely for you! And I hope you'll pop back in next month - I'm so very thankful to be blogging and to have you visiting here! xo

P.S. Artwork above is by Kristen Powers - if I had a nursery to decorate, I would fill it with Kristen's beautiful spirit angel paintings! This painting will have a prominent place in my art room!

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