Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The shapes of things to come...

Things are slow going over here. Pink eye has invaded. The weather is cool. So far, we have eaten two cucumbers, a handful of green beans and snap peas, some kale and a bunch of cilantro - I am not exactly feeding my family with this year's harvest. I do have at least six varieties of tomatoes growing. The volunteer tomatoes have out-produced the ones I thoughtfully selected and planted (while singing kumbaya and hand-mixing the soil in which they are planted). I think there's a lesson in there somewhere for me? xo

Thursday, July 10, 2014

All is well...

Let's catch up, shall we? The school year ended (obviously) and Faith's soccer team won their district final - this was thrilling!
 We had to say goodbye to our beautiful thistle (weed), but it was brilliant for weeks before we let it go.
Our bees are thriving, thank goodness! We will not harvest honey this year, so that they have enough stored to survive whatever winter may bring. But we are loving getting to know them and the art of beekeeping.
 Some girls learned how to needlepoint, while a boy worked on his photobombing skills.
 And we finally put a reliable fence up around our garden. Now the dogs will stay out...
 …and the kids…well, they are all over it in expected and unexpected ways. Fence yoga anyone?
We babysat nine baby bearded dragons. This was a once-in-our-lifetime (so far) treat and now we hope we get to do it again.
And the garden is a complete mess, but things are growing. A friend said everything should be in the ground by July 4th, but I am extending this deadline until this weekend.
I am growing LOTS of cilantro after being unable to find fresh in the market over the winter. I'll let you know what I learn about storing it, but I'm assuming I can use a technique similar to what you do with basil?
And gratitude abounds over here. Now let's get back to the creative posts! xo