Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Our trip was wayyyyyy too short for how many hours we spent in the car, but we are relaxed and renewed and happy to be home. Mission accomplished! xo

Friday, March 22, 2013

Following the signs...

The week before Spring Break, St. Louis had it's four thousandth day like this one (or at least it felt that way)....
...overcast, grey, cold. I asked our big kids to get online and see what the shortest drive would be for us to just touch the ocean. Their answer? The coast of Georgia, or the coast of Louisiana. We have never been to either.

Kyle's principal recommended this book:
In the first paragraph of the introduction, the author explains how his family has been going to Tybee Island, Georgia for four generations. I got the book for some pointers on chores, honestly, but hmmmm...maybe the first paragraph is what I really needed to read. I started emailing places about last minute bookings for four nights only. Should we do this?

I was a bit on the fence, but then my house started sending me signs...
 Can't see it? Yes, it's cluttered and that is telling in its own way, but look a little closer...
Um...that is what appeared when I suggested to my 13-year-old that he put a reminder sign on the third floor because he always leaves the lights on. Ok then, I see how this is going to be...

We are a family that needs to disconnect so we can reconnect. David got the week off. The kennel had room for the dogs. I called my neighbor and told her we were leaving town for five days. "That is so great!" she said. "Getting away always makes you so happy to be back at home!"

Let's hope so. Tybee Island, here we come! xo

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

books, books, books

Delivering more upcycled journals to Maven today. My favorite is, by far, Jane Withers and the Swamp Monster. The mild mannered cover is misleading, because the inside cover art (I didn't add this, this is exactly how the book was published) is brilliant in my opinion. Have a great day! xo