Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Upcycled Journals at Maven

Today I will be delivering a dozen Upcycled Journals to Maven, a wonderful, funky boutique in Maplewood, Missouri. Maven sold my journals over the holidays and they sold out. That was thrilling! So we're going to see how my books sell there during a regular retail season (I'm sure that's not how to refer to it - clearly I am not a retailer).

Hope you'll pop over!

Maven Boutique
7290 Manchester Road
Maplewood, MO 63143

Have a great week! xo

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VintageRetroAntique said...

Great post! I love these upcycled book cover finds. I've seen similar upcycled old book cover products like ipad cases and they always seem like a great way to reuse books that are often considered valueless and give new hope and inspiration.