Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We did. It was!

The collage party was great fun! The couches were cleared (although we didn't use them at all). I'm noticing how generic this space is when it is clean...have to think about that.
 There were plenty of images to choose from. Always. That is never an issue.
And we laughed and collaged and laughed and collaged. So much so that I forgot to take pictures. Here is mine in the works. 
I continue to believe with all my heart that collage is good for the soul. Life changing even. I'm now going to yoga and some meditation and it feels like that - cleansing, healthy, positive. This party was donated to my kids' school - an auction sign up party. If you're in St. Louis and would like me to donate a party to your event, I try to donate three parties a year. Please shoot me a message. It's not a huge money maker- usually between $150 to $300, but it's something different. And fun. And good for the soul. xo

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