Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Small miracles

This happens every single year so today I'm thinking I need to learn to reframe it for good (not as in forever, as in not-for-bad): the holiday art room disaster. Every fall I finish my last art show and then the holiday making begins for my kiddos so they use my (our) space and don't clean up of course and then use the space some more and then I need it, so I use the space on top of their space and so on and so on.... 
The papers in the photo above are from my fall kids' art class. I needed the container they were in, so I recycled this paper that I haven't needed or used since October and unearthed the things that actually belong in this container but have been clutter causing for months now. And that is one example of hundreds. Or at least fifties, yes, I am sure there are at least fifty things completely out of sorts up here. I also found this second grade painting of Kyle's which delights me. So yin and yang - that's what I'll tell myself.
 Thankfully, there is an art party up here tomorrow evening so it is time to stop the insanity.
Here are two clean work tables...miracles! And the fact that I still have a Darth Vader action figure (sans helmet, so do I actually have a dead Darth Vader action figure?) on my sequins container staring me down, and toothpicks that we were looking for when making our Christmas dinner, and two couches that have no room for people to actually sit on....well, never mind. All in good time.

And will I reframe this phase of art room disasterousness? Probably not, but maybe. For now I'm embracing the positive, embracing the positive....


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