Monday, November 12, 2012

....and exhale...

Well, what a difference two months make! I have missed being here and if anyone is still here with me, welcome back. I have a lot to share, but first I'm going to simply recap my time away...

I started and finished a new after school art class for preschoolers called Art Outside.
 Our beautiful girl turned 14.
 Halloween came and went.
Joey and his friend were One Direction - get it?
 I participated in Craft Out Loud and sold 29 journals - a record for me in one sale!
 I also took a break from reading art blogs (details about that soon) and came back to discover the arrival of Ms. Amelia. Talk about making your heart sing (and keeping things in perspective - it was also election season as I was away)! Hooray hooray! 

So much to tell, so much to share! Happy happy November! xo

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