Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweets 2012

Last garden post of the year! Promise! We had an hour and raced out to dig up our sweet potato harvest, having no idea what we'd find after such a hot summer. 
For the first time ever, the potatoes were peeking out of the ground waiting to be picked. We didn't have to hunt at all (which is good and bad...bad if you're eight and enjoy the digging-for-treasure part of this tradition).
Our pile kept growing...
and growing...
and growing!
 Look at this big bunch - again, they just kind of came out of the earth effortlessly. It was fascinating.
 Here's a closeup, because I'm weird about this stuff and delighted to show you a closeup.
It was a great harvest and we are very thankful! Potatoes are now laid out single file on newspapers in our basement.
Questions for next year include: Can I save a few of these to plant in the Spring? and Is one supposed to rotate potato crops around their yard/garden space? We've had three years of growing here now, the dirt is like black gold, and I'm tempted to just keep planting them here. Opinions? Answers?
Happy Thanksgiving week! xo

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Elizabeth said...

What a great crop! There are so many ways to cook them too - I love sweet potatoes! Don't know the answers to your questions off the top of my head but you could call the gardening hotline at MOBOT. I'm sure they would know.