Thursday, November 29, 2012

My honest reality

 This is how I'm living these days. Seriously. My art room is symbolic of my whole life: personal, spiritual, literal.
I'm enjoying the online goodness about decorating, traditions, finished projects. But I haven't done one thing. Not one present bought, not one decoration hung, not one fruit cake baked. Ok, there won't really ever be fruitcake.
On a thankful note (gratitude still comes effortlessly to me - that must be a good sign), the Winter sun is so great in my art room. Considering how tall the ceilings are and how many windows I have up here, this space is dark-ish most months. But in these pre-holiday days, the sun shines extra brightly it seems, exactly when I need it. And that gives me hope. xo

1 comment:

Shannah said...

Looks exactly like an art studio should! I can see process, wonderful natural light, and a ladder- what a perfect metaphor:) So neat to get to see your creative space- thanks for sharing!