Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get lost!

This post title could easily be addressed to the rabbits who are living the good life on my sweet potatoes these days.

But no, it's addressed to me. The house sale is vexing my spirit, the summer is disappearing too quickly (as always, but more so this year because we've had too many "have tos" with the house being for sale), and my kids are growing before my eyes faster than I ever imagined. I told my husband that I can't remember the last time I just lost track of time - when we just stayed too long at the pool, or the river or the park, when we played a game so long we forgot about dinner. Moms are the timekeepers, and that is how I've been spending too much of my summer - keeping deadlines, making appointments, being on time etc.

So, I'm taking a few weeks off to lose track of time with my kids. We'll be back early-August. Hope you enjoy these final weeks of summer too! xo

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