Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mindy Carney : : jewelry

Welcome to the studio of Mindy Carney, jewelry designer. Mindy has a beautiful, sun-lit studio space in her home that she shares with her two daughters, her dog Mei Mei and her cats, Abby and Ziva.
Her space is warm, welcoming, and impeccably organized. And as often as possible, you'll find her right here in her favorite chair designing her beautiful wire creations.
Mindy's company is Curled, named after one of her favorite jewelry techniques - working with wire to create circles, coils, and swirls. Recycled goodness? Yes, Mindy often incorporates vintage buttons, old keys and sea glass into her work. She has just started upcycling vintage jewelry components.
When more space is required, Mindy heads to her dining room table (you can see her dreamy chair in the background). She painted this table herself and it provides plenty of space for designing, flattening and coiling wire and sorting beads.
Mindy's work is constantly changing and very unique. She's now experimenting with chain mail and creating with guitar strings. 
You can also find her work at Charm, a boutique in downtown St. Louis.

Thanks Mindy! xo


Teresa said...

Very cool to see my friend at work! Thanks for sharing. : )

Heather Reed said...

Mindy is a very talented designer. I lover her stuff! Plus, she's just a super-cool person. Good feature!

Anonymous said...

Nice Photos. Great feature!