Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All talk

We have no fewer than 3 million cucumber flowers waiting to grow into cucumbers and then become Greek salad. We've watched these flowers every day for at least a month. And sadly, we're used to watching our cukes get eaten by beetles, but this year, we haven't seen beetles and there have been more flowers every day.
I don't think my photography skills are capturing what a monster these three cucumber plants have become. They've grown into our tomatoes, and all over our strawberries.
Weeks ago when the flowers began appearing we talked about how cucumbers and squash are like nature's magic show. One day you have no fruit, the next day you have a small fruit-let and sometimes the very next day (or at least it seems that way) you have a full grown fruit ready for the eating.
The next week we talked about what we would do with all these cucumbers. Should we give them to our neighbors? There will be so many [we thought], maybe we should just leave them out in our front yard for drivers by. How many meals can we make with cucumbers? Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. And no fruit - no magic show. 
Now it's almost September and everyone is talking about/blogging about Fall, slowing down, finding a rhythm, harvest. Us? Well, we're certainly not talking about harvest....at least, not until last night. 
One cucumber! ONE! We'll take it, but we are very curious what the Fall will bring. Maybe we'll be the only family with home grown cucumbers in November. We'll see... xo

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