Monday, March 19, 2012

Some early Spring color...

Like so many others with this early Spring weather - we are speaking cautiously and enjoying thoroughly! My yard is filled with bees which I'm taking as a good sign. Hoping to fill in our strawberry garden a bit today and plant some lettuce and spinach. We'll see...

I spent a dreamy morning with Maribeth last week in her uber fun art room. She taught me how she makes her art paper for her handmade journals. So so fun.

Faith and her friends are making friendship bracelets again. I love how this craft happens cyclically in our home. To those of you with young children, I encourage you to take one photo of your child with said bracelets during every friendship-bracelet phase. Faith's are now quite detailed and purposeful. I would love to have documented their evolution over the years. 

Happy Monday! xo

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