Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On my needles...

When we were in Maine, I was able to negotiate 20 minutes in this lovely knitting store. I went in hoping to find a project for our long drive home and was so lucky to get the assistance of their lovely knitting goddess in residence.

Me: I have no supplies and I'm not an advanced knitter. What can I do with this?

Goddess: I just started my own project with this very yarn [made in Maine]. You could do this.

Me: Um...YOU could do that. I don't know how to do that.

Goddess: Oh sure, I just used the pattern and cast on 220 stitches and then I ... {imagine Italian, or French or la la las or elevator muzak - she was speaking way over my head}.

Me: So can we write that down?

Goddess: Of course!

And away I went. And now I'm almost done.
Love this yarn by String Theory of Blue Hill, Maine. And Faith loves the design, so between the two of us, this should be a staple this winter.
The Honey Cowl is a free pattern by the way. And Knit Wit is also the flagship store for Quince & Company. More on that soon! xo

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