Friday, August 24, 2012

Like mother, like...

Kyle and I attended the YMCA's book sale this week. We went specifically on $10/box day and it was bountiful and great fun (for me). Kyle enjoyed picking out some books and then he was ready to go.
I always have a tape measure with me, so I asked him to measure some books for potential journals. Then I asked him to arrange our books in the box so that we could fit as many in as possible. Finally and coincidentally I said, "See that book over there? It's more than 100 years old..."
"How can you tell?" Kyle asked, totally interested. And I explained how the binding is so different that once you look at a thousand or so discarded books (ahem), you can usually tell when they are really old.
Bingo! I mean Math! Kyle was in love with this very old book (169 years old) and figuring out how old books were occupied him until it was time to go.
Kyle insisted we bring this book home with us. It is very damaged, and he has it wrapped in fabric and stored on a shelf alone in his closet. When friends come over, he takes it out like it is a book made of Tiffany glass, wrapped in babies and tied with a string of kittens. His friends ooh and ahh...I think mostly because of the pageantry behind the unveiling, but so what? sweet. Happy weekend! xo

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