Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Velociraptor Book Journals

Well, I have a story. I have been selling my ephemera journals on etsy for a few years now and honestly, they just don't get that many views. When I can show my books in person, people connect with them and it is so fun to see. But online - hmmmm - not so much. So I was telling my family how I needed to rename my collage books with all the surprise papers and I may as well name them something crazy because I won't get fewer views with a fun and crazy name.

 And Joey suggested that I re-name them Velociraptor Journals. And then we had a very animated discussion of what this would look like and how I would market them. And Joey (should I remind you that he is 13?) got totally excited and all my kids were on board. So what else could I do?
Viola. Velociraptor Journals - same great quality writing paper and same diverse, fun selection of surprise papers inside all with a different name. And a different label designed by this one:
I have a few left from my Black Friday sale - in my etsy shop! xo

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