Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thinking of Maya Angelou...

I spent an hour harvesting strawberries this morning, and thought all about Maya Angelou. It is fascinating to me (have I told you how I love sociology?) how much the world has changed and stayed the same in her lifetime - what a gift she is.
I have pounds of art paper - I don't know how else to quantify it. I have endless amounts of art paper. I'm thinking about putting together paper packs to sell - would you be interested?
 I'm working on some Velociraptor Journals - finally! So fun...
And my newest creation is bookmarks, made from the bindings of the books I upcycle. I back them with art- and vintage- paper and viola! They are so fun - I've sold them at one show so far, and they have flown from my table.
Happy Wednesday! xo

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