Monday, September 29, 2014

GeodeFest 2014!

This weekend we traveled to Hamilton, Illinois to attend the Tenth Annual Geode Fest. It. Was. Awesome.

I felt like it might be a bucket list experience - do it once and talk about it for a long time, like we know more than we do. But we all loved it. We dug for geodes, we spent two days outside in perfect Fall weather, we learned what soybean fields look like, we stepped foot in Iowa for the first time ever, we (read - David and I) celebrated 17 years of marriage, we talked with professional rock hounds, we (read Kyle) delighted in our one snake sighting, we (read - I) took major amounts of Ibuprofin, we watched and celebrated as other people found treasure, and we met kind, kind, kind people sharing their land with a bunch of rock scavengers, professionals to yahoos (read - us). And it was fun. If Faith had been with us I would call the whole thing perfect.

We also met The Geode Hunter - he was very wise and generous with his time and expertise, sharing tips and information. We learned enough to leave us wanting more. And we will go back. Most definitely. It was hot and rustic and dusty and we were dirty and smelly and achy and the whole weekend felt like an indulgence. Cool. xo

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Elizabeth said...

Can't believe I'm saying this but it sounds and looks fantastic! Would love to hear more.