Monday, March 7, 2011


Thanks for all the kind wishes for my etsy shop. My house looks like a paper bomb exploded in it and then, of course, the day after I opened my shop after hours and hours and hours of my non-techno-self getting it all together I thought, "That was easy! What took me so long?" 
There are a plethora of bloggers posting their Spring cleaning efforts out there - I love these. I took some before photos today of my art room in all its paper-bomb-glory. Will share them when there is an "after" photo to share as well. This blog is also desperately overdue for a tutorial - I'm working on it!

I'm onto my next journal series idea. I have three kinds of books I collect - books with beautiful covers for me to collage, books with nostalgic or comical covers to just upcycle and now these - books with gorgeous patterned covers that need something, but don't need to be collaged completely.
Hope you'll stay tuned! xo

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