Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, I had big plans for this week (I think I have big plans for every week actually) but alas...other things came up. I'm going to try to post every weekday in April, so I'm planning for that a bit, and excited by the challenge.

In the meantime, meet Felix, my daughter's new rat. If you had told me before we had kids that one day we'd have a rat, I would have told you with confidence that you were crazy. Cray.zee. And yes, it does feel a bit hypocritical that if one of these took up residence in my basement, I would poison, trap and kill it without a second thought. But when one of these takes up residence in my daughter's bedroom, we buy it toys and feed it organic fruit and vegetable scraps.
We drank the koolaid that says rats make wonderful pets. And so far, we totally believe it to be true! xo

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