Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I have a new color option in my love cocoons that will be added to my etsy shop today! I love this color so much - it is delicate and classic. I'm going to call it "dune blue."

2. I'm honored and delighted to tell you that I will be part of this year's Show Me Etsy at the Contemporary Art Museum. Thirty etsy sellers are selected each year to participate. More details as we get closer to the December 8th date!

3. Have you heard of Heartsy? It is like a groupon for Etsy. You do have to register, but the deals are great and the gift idea goodness (the holidays are approaching) almost overwhelming! (almost)

4. I start a new 8-week collage class at this school today. If any new parents are here checking out my blog, welcome!

5. In art news, I'm also in a fine art (juried! hooray!) show in November so next week I will be painting everyday. I'm thinking about just showing segments of what I'm doing with no text. If you check in and have an opinion - about my work or the new posting style - please leave a comment!


1 comment:

Cal said...

LOVE the color. Will be ordering one for sure. As one new mom told me, a cacoon should be mandatory on every new mom's registery!

Have the Show Me Etsy exhibit on my calendar. I'm SO excited for you! What an opportunity!