Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Felt Flower Headband {tutorial}

Here is a simple tutorial for making a fun fall headband!
 You will need: felt or material in graduating colors, scissors, pinking shears, needle and floss, a fun button and a headband of your choosing.
 Using your pinking shears, cut out circles in your graduating colors.
Select a button to be the center of your flower/circle and sew it into place. You will also be sewing all of the felt circles together.
When you're done, leave the thread. Don't cut it, because you will use it later to sew your flower to your headband.
Take your regular scissors and cut little triangles out of your smallest circle. Then go to your next circle and cut triangles out from the same space. Continue until you have cut triangles out of each circle.
Now your flower is done. Select a headband to use. I linked to the headbands we use on my Valentines tutorial. My daughter loves these and thinks they're the most comfortable. They also provide a lot of give when sewing your flowers to the band.
If you like your work to look neat, you can cut out a small piece of complementary fabric and glue it to the back of your flower to hide your stitches. This is just an extra - not necessary.
You can experiment. I didn't cut petals from the blue circles and on the purple/grey headband, I made the circles askew (love this one!).
Ta da! If you like this idea, but don't have time to make one, I'll have a whole new headband selection in my shop tomorrow! xo

A Few Notes:
If you make a really large flower, I would not cut the petals from the outer two circles until after the flower was sewn to the headband. This will just ensure that the petals are cut as evenly as possible in case they pull a little when being sewn to the band.

It would be really fun to mix fabrics and felts - and maybe even some paper. I'm going to try that next.

Try embroidering something on your smallest circle - an initial, peace sign, leaf, snowflake?

To new bloggers, I thought the wrinkled fabric background in my photos here would look kind of vintage/old school/cool. Nope...it just looks wrinkled. Lesson learned. Backgrounds should be plain and simple (and neat).

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