Monday, January 24, 2011

How to make Valentines Day headbands

It's Valentine week here at Goodness Recycled! Thanks for checking in! Here is a very simple tutorial for embellishing your own Valentines Day headbands.
The reason it's simple is because there's no wrong way to make them, and limitless fun combinations.
Step 1. Gather
 Find Valentine-colored supplies in your craft stash: felted sweaters, felt, buttons, pom pons, embroidery thread, needle, scissors, (not shown: needle felting supplies), and of course, headbands.
My daughter loves these headbands and coincidentally they are made of fabric so it is easy to sew your embellishments right to the band. You could also use plastic headbands - this would require glue rather than needle and thread for assembly.
Step 2: Create
Without planning yet for your headband, cut out shapes, sew buttons, assemble different combinations of colors (what other animals could you make from hearts?).
Step 3. Ignore imperfections
Just make some things that are pleasing to you - not too big, not all the same.
Step 4. Assemble
Now, take different components and combine them for your headbands. It wasn't until I made the circle with the big button [above] that I thought about sewing buttons to a heart [top photo]. 
Step 5. Attach to headband.
Sew back and forth through the material part of your headband. Remember that if you have a double layer of felt, or a big button or embellishment, you can sew behind that and the stitch will not be seen when the headband is worn. (If need be, review Step 3.)
Step 6. Deliver
Give headband to your favorite Valentine!

Thanks to my daughter for modeling! xo

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