Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A year of different

I'm cleaning today and it feels very very necessary and very very good.

David and I have realized that this 2011 needs to be a year of being different. We're not having midlife crises, nothing like that (although I would love to get a tattoo....hmmmm). But we sat down this week and realized that while we are happy, healthy, content and thankful, we still are not doing enough of what we want to be doing - a majority of our time is not spent as we would choose. We're tasting too much "mediocre" in our days. We're not too in debt, we're not too unhealthy, we're not too homebound and yet, we're not vivacious these days either, and that is something to think about.

And this applies to me creatively as well, as much as I hate to admit it. I'm loving my new business, meeting potential customers, etc., but behind the scenes in the "art that I'm making for my own joy" department...well...read the paragraph above.

The picture today is of the long window seat in my art room. It has never - in the four years that we've lived here - been empty. Never. It's narrow and making a cushion for it that would fit with the window would be a challenge, but it's a window seat - not a yarn stash depository, not a where-does-this-paper-go-I'll-just-set-it-here table, not a dust collecting mass. And now, it is clean (insert Nemo clip). Totally cleaned out, wiped down, labeled, clean. It's a small start.

Here's to a [different] new year. xo

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