Thursday, January 20, 2011

First flower & a snow day

Well, my week's plans have all gone awry. I have a sick kid at home and my Valentines Week plans were foibled by the greyest, worst-photo-taking week in a long time. Then this morning? Oodles of snow, a snow day and lots of light, so I can't post my studio tour now (way too dark). I'm going to retake some of the photos of this artist and post her story soon.
Here is a picture of the first flower I've needle felted. So fun!! A friend asked if I would try to make her one, so I did and I hope she likes it. It's for a black winter hat - I can't decide what I think about the seed beads - too many? not enough?  I also hope that for a hat, this isn't too big.

Here are some more felting questions - when do you know you're done felting? Can something be over felted? When I find out, I'll let you know.
I'll have a kid home sick tomorrow too, so maybe we'll just call this "random week", I'll try to post something and we'll start fresh on Monday.

Stay warm! xo

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