Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I swear this wall is staring at me

What a reflective week I've had over here. I've decided not to post resolutions elements of my strategic plan (I am a business owner now) because I'm still just too all over the place. And, I've learned from some of my coaching clients, with a new business, plans do legitimately require some degree of flexibility.
But the wall reference has been important to my wonderings this week about my personal artsy ways. Here is my dining room wall. Boring, I know. The dresser was purchased to help us stage the house - I would not pick it. This alone is a challenge because if you're trying to simplify (we are) then you don't buy two buffets in one year. Alas. Anyways, the wall is crying out for a painting and as I reflect on what I want to do, one thing that keeps coming to mind is the word big. I want to make big pieces of art. Many artists grapple with this desire, because if your big pieces don't sell, you're out a lot of time and often, a lot of money.

But I have a wall for at least one big piece that may never sell. A big perfect wall. A wall that stares me down each morning saying, "Nothing for me today? Again?" And today I will stare back. Contest on. Bring it.

P.S. I have a great (and much more colorful) studio tour scheduled for tomorrow! And next week will be all about Valentines Day, so please know that my "beige stage" is over!

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