Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{I can't believe it's over} The Big Surprise

I believe we pulled off a lifetime memory last week.
We picked three unsuspecting kids up from school on Wednesday, theme music playing in the car and drove straight to the airport.
 We landed late in Orlando, home of many things, but for us, Harry Potter Land (as I'm still calling it).
The kids were completely shocked, speechless, overwhelmed to a degree. {Yes, it was awesome.}
 Kyle rode his first roller coaster.
 The kids loved the butterbeer. David and I might tell you it was syrup in a cup.
There were no fewer than 4 million places to hold and buy wands. We stopped at all of them.
Joey read all the books and saw the movies multiple times. Peace has been restored, however, all of his wand pictures make him look like he's trying to...ummmm..."eliminate" someone. Have to talk to him about this.
Do you recognize this wand?
 Family photo...
Salad in a cauldron? Awesome! Being about an inch-and-a-half too short for the big roller coaster? Not so great.
 My hams in front of the Three Broomsticks - the food was really good!
More wand discerning. 
 Kyle getting his postcards sent by Owl.
 Stamped officially don't 'cha know.
Joey - again with the look.
Now I don't think Universal Studios is for everyone (it's actually not-so-much for me really), but I would like to highly recommend implementing a total surprise in your life - for a friend, a partner, a child, a co-worker. Go camping, see a movie, invite someone secret over for pancakes...whatever. We did not tell our friends, our family, our teachers about our plans (I felt kind of bad for not telling our teachers) and we pulled off a surprise that will go down in our family's proverbial history book.

And for me, that made the weekend magical! xo


kristen said...

AWESOME!! I would LOVE to do that for my kids :) one day I will. You have inspired me !! thanks for sharing!And I am so happy it was a success and made a wonderful happy memory :)

Elizabeth said...

Great idea and great job pulling it off! What an incredible gift for your kids and your family!

Karen Lynch said...

Love the top to bottom magic you created! So cool, on so many levels. Memories of a lifetime there at Hogwarts ...