Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No excuses

Good morning! Well, I've been hesitant to share this here for fear of being the-girl-who-cried-we're-moving! but we have put our house on the market. That is what has kept me away from this space. We've been spring cleaning steroid style. Right now our house looks great, closets are great, but drawers and basement bins are closed-but-really-cluttered. So we have plenty of work to do still. If we actually get to it, well that will be a miracle!

We tried to sell our house two years ago and did not get one offer (not even a lowball) so we're optimistic but realistic too about our expectations. We'd love to downsize a bit and move closer to our kids' schools...we'll see...
Today I'm painting. I've read so many books about painting and so many blogs. It's time to just stop reading about it and get to doing it. I'm following a process here by Flora Bowley, and definitely in the "doubting" stage. Why oh why is paint dripping well liked? I just hate it but dripping paint seems to be everywhere. I tried it (to not be closed minded) and I'm guessing I'll be painting over the drips before this painting is done. I still think it is just ug.lee. I still have to add some white and black elements and then I'm done for today.
Since my blogging has slowed, I've decided to start posting once-weekly about my garden. I just love gardening and I think it will help us to chronicle progress, failures and all the in-between. We planted three fruit trees last year, so I'm looking forward to nurturing them this year too. Copying this weekly post idea from the amazing sisters at Duo Fiberworks.

It's cold in the midwest - hard to believe we were swimming just two weeks ago! Happy Tuesday! xo

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Elizabeth said...

What fruit trees did you plant? Pictures please!