Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Painting: Day 2

Still working on this painting following the teaching of Flora Bowley. Here I added contrast - white and the darkest brown I have.
 Next, I added translucent paint that I just fingerpainted and then sprayed with water throughout the canvas.
Next I painted some imagery, with one goal being NOT to think about the finished product. I painted lots of leaves, inspired by my black-eyed-susans that are returning in force this year (to my delight).
 The next step was to work with what is working. I "cheated" a bit here and went back to my agenda because regardless of what this painting looks like, it's going in the dining room. And my vision for this painting was that it would have a I picked the baby blue in the middle as what was working the best and sketched out a bowl and some over-sized echinacea as my images. This process has been so great for me - I will definitely do this again and stay true to this step next time with no agenda.
Thanks for checking in! xo

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