Thursday, February 21, 2013


I have not been completely forthcoming in my blog space here. I've been posting less and less because I am back at work - 25 hours a week. And boy-oh-boy am I humbled by it all. I've been working for about five months and I still have not found a rhythm to getting laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and fun (not in that order) tended to in a way that is healthy and good. And don't get me started on how I've neglected my creative pursuits. 
Anyways, the stars aligned today in a twisted way - schools were closed for an ice storm that only just arrived and I have two kids who are sick - one of whom is nine today. More on him tomorrow! But because of our beautiful stuck-at-home status, I'm finally getting around to making Kyle a freezer paper stenciled t-shirt. I have some funny ideas to help him with his spelling - and then on the back I'm going to stencil, "Just another great day at New City School". Hope he likes it.
Our valentine show was slow but lovely. Always fun. I tried to make heart garland - it's all over the internet and seemed like it would be easy and fun to make. Um. Not fun. No fun at all.  A lot of work and now I'm thinking the hearts will stay up for a very long time because I don't know how to store them without tangling the thread. Kyle loves his.
 Hope you are warm, and thankful and happy...wherever you are! xo

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