Tuesday, February 5, 2013

in which Joey turns 13

Joey is 13. Awesome.

I want to tell you about Joey's great grandpa - his name was Arthur Joseph. Joey's name is Joseph Arthur. He is named after his great grandpa, one of my husband's favorite people of his whole life. When we had Joey and told Grandma and Grandpa E. his name, David's grandma commented, "Do you know, David's grandpa is named Arthur Joseph..." as if their shared names were a total coincidence. They were humble, and kind and generous and always put family first. I also think David got his amazing ability to combine tough love and gentleness in his parenting from observing his grandpa.

So Joey - my wish for your 13th birthday is that, as you enter your teen years and the whirlwind they may be, you will embrace and seek these wonderful characteristics that inspired your name - humility, kindness, generosity and family.

You are enormously loved. And btw, your birthday consisted of eggs benedict for breaky, lots of junk food, and pulled pork with lots more junk food while we watched the Superbowl. Junk food was only interrupted to go see Les Mis, the movie. And in case you stumble upon this blog years from now, you loved the movie. And the day. xo

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Elizabeth said...

I always think mamas should be recognized as well on the day their child was born. Happy Birthday Corinne!