Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tidbits (not juicy)

I've been away from this space and have missed it immensely. Here's a little update about things here at Goodness Recycled...
I am growing seeds indoors. Yippee!! It is so much more fun than I expected (and I expected it to be super fun). This will definitely be something we continue every year. At exactly the moment that the grey days have worn you down...a little green sprout is peeking up at you. It's wonderful!

I am also now the proud owner of half of a beehive. That's right. Half. My friend Laura and I took the MIssouri beekeeping course and got completely overwhelmed. So we decided to start with one (they recommend that you start with two), share the responsibilities completely, and then (hopefully) take the plunge completely next year.
This is what happens when you rearrange your art room to be more family friendly. You may see the mess, but I see stories of four of my roommates (that would be all of them) spending time up here in the last two weeks, independently and together. I made my art space smaller and I am feeling more productive than ever. I think this was a great choice. Studio tour here coming in May. (And if you have young kiddos, I can't recommend Keva Planks enough - hours of entertainment for ALL ages - David (um...age 44) built this!)
I participated in Amanda's swap and loved it. I'm afraid I didn't document what I mailed out, but I received this lovely piece of quilted art from Lady Cordelia. It's made to go into a frame, but I may try to make it into a pillow.

In web news - She Finds listed the photo booth we created for my cousin's wedding in her List of 10 Things To Do To Have the Best Summer Wedding Ever. That was super fun to see.

Hope you are well and at least seeing specks of Spring? xo

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Elizabeth said...

So excited for you and Laura! I want to meet the bees.