Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paint First

These last 10 days have found my family mourning the death of a dear aunt, and feeling almost hyper-focused on what really matters in this life (if I can get a little philosophical/dramatic). We've been a little calmer and more gentle with each other. It's been interesting.
In addition to big important things like cherishing the small, sacred things in our days, I've also been thinking about how I spend my time. And I'm realizing that when I say I want to paint, I mean it. And I need to start painting every single day. Every. Single. Day.
 So all I did today was paint over three panels that were never finished to my liking. The painting here was originally going to be a blue-footed booby bird - yes, that's right. (You can see the head and beak in the first two photos.) But now it is going to be a flower arrangement. So there. xo


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful colors, lovely thoughts. XXOO said...

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Introverted Art said...

Hi Corinne,

the journal is on its way to you!!!