Friday, January 16, 2015

You say, "Ninja Star!" I say, "Origami!"...

Kyle and I are homeschooling this year. When this semester began, I announced that we would make a more concerted effort to include art in our days. This was met with a big, theatrical sigh. Kyle loves art, but he is 10, so the sigh was not a surprise. Our first week back, he made himself a reptile and mythical creature journal (melt my heart) and this week, he is making "ninja stars" that transform into the wreath shape you see above (so enemies are unsuspecting that you have a deadly weapon in your pocket). Ok Ky - you want to make weapons out of my floral and patterned, many-colored origami papers? And you want to do this for hours? You art, only weapons today. 

I have been making journals like crazy these past two weeks - just haven't been photographing them for some reason. There are fresh batches of my books at The Novel Neighbor, Flowers to the People and Maven

Happy Weekend! xo

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