Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines for Boys

It can be a challenge to get the boys excited about Valentines Day. And honestly, I don't take issue with this at all. But Kyle was going to a Valentines Day party, so we needed to find something that was valentine-worthy AND boy-friendly. We found this joke online. The last line is, "I'd rather have a talking frog than a princess any day," said the boy. 
He did some writing, he used a paper cutter, he cut and sewed and hole-punched. Not a bad project for a boy who is resisting doing art.
One of the frogs just had a heart painted on its back - perfect!
If you decide to make valentines with these animals, buy them ahead of time and use your coupons to Michaels, JoAnn's etc. They are a bit pricey (for valentines) otherwise.
Wishing you a lovely Valentines Day weekend! xo

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