Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HMM on my mind!

I have not held up my end of the bargain for the One Small Change Project. Since I didn't post a goal for March, and I'm desperately behind this month, I will post two goals in April:
1. We will install an indoor clothesline and discuss putting one outside. (The outside line will only be a challenge because our house is for sale. We're trying to drill no more holes into this house.) Our next house (or this house come July) will definitely have a clothesline!
2. We will renew our commitment to composting. The weather will help, and part of this goal is that I will read more about composting in Winter when the compost bin is cold, and this wannabe naturalist gets a bit lazy.
In finding a link to post I just realized that this project ends this month...Earth Day month! To those of you just reading about it for the first time, I encourage you to check out Hip Mountain Mama's blog! xo

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