Monday, April 19, 2010

Mountain Moving (part 2 of 2)

We must first teach them...
to respect the mountain,
to understand the mountain,
to honor the mountain,
and to climb the mountain!
You see ant hill, I see mountain! Ky and I went hiking at Emmenegger Nature Park and, just as our hike was ending and it was time to go, we stumbled upon this huge mound. Kyle just instinctively tried to climb it....and slip down it....ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen times! At this point, I sat down and told myself that there would be no clock checking, no "we have to gos" until he got to the top. It took a long time. I could not believe how determined and focused he was. (I have 50+ photos of his efforts...they all look the same, but each one found him with more resolve, more confidence, more determination.) And he did it!

Lessons here for all of us - there always are when it comes to kids, huh? xo

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