Sunday, April 11, 2010

Process vs. Product

So I've only been blogging for a few months, and already I'm grappling with some of the things I've heard/read other bloggers grappling with - nothing life changing, but things like:
* Do I carry my camera with me everywhere so I'm ready if a perfect photo op presents itself? (answer for me: no)
* Do I blog if I have no pictures to illustrate what I'm blogging about? (answer for me: undecided)
* Do I blog to chronicle my process even though I'm in such a fledgling stage of my art business? (answer for me: I have no idea)

My posts have slowed, but it's not for lack of work being done. But it does seem silly (for me) to photograph lists and lists of lists, etc., even though I do enjoy seeing other bloggers' in their process(es). I'm also at the point with my collage party business where it's time to start doing the "guts" of the business part - the business plan, the bank account, the tax ID number. And when I get to those concrete tasks, well, I often find myself doing things like um...sorting glitter. And when I sort glitter I think, "I should make some custom glitter colors" and then I head to the computer to look for the cool glass jars that would hold my custom glitter colors....and...the next thing you know, the banks aren't open anymore, and a business plan hasn't been drafted!

This is where I am these days. In a good place, enjoying the process, but a bit scattered and a bit happy to bask in the perifery...clinging more to the flowery of the business than the weeding and the watering.

So this is a post about process...does it seem ok to include? xo

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