Friday, June 4, 2010

Last day of school...

I've been thinking about Gladys Kravitz all week! We live in a neighborhood of manicured lawns, lawn-maintenance-client lawns, make-a-golf-course-jealous-kind-of-lawns. Alas, our lawn and yard is not one of "them"!

And while we're outside planting mismatched plants, I often wonder if any of my neighbors are peeking in saying: "[Abner]...

...they're throwing grass seed all over without prepping the soil..."

...they're planting vegetables that should have been planted weeks ago..."

...they're putting shade plants right next to sun plants..."

...she's not even weeding Abner, she's just putting flowers right there next to the weeds!"

Today, Kyle and I had our last full day of puttering in the garden before Summer break. We did all of the above. Yup.

(It was glorious!) xo

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