Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We missed my grandma's 95th birthday party this past weekend, but not without sending a crown to mark the occasion! My grandmother has 8 kids and has survived the deaths of way too many family members and wears on her heart. Her daughters are amazing and we try to pop in when we can to remind her of tea parties, wearing her famous heel collection (she had heels that changed color as you ran your finger over them - she was the original shoe ho'!), putting her egg-coffee grounds in her tomatoes during the summers, fried chicken from up the street and my favorite stories of celebrating diversity in her neighborhood - Irish, Polish, Italian, German (yes, all Caucasian, but they had to learn to live together in peace way back when - all poor and Catholic, but not from the same "old country").

My sister tells me she was delighted by the party. She visited, she ate, she laughed and at the end she told her kids that she couldn't believe they planned this whole party without her knowing (she knew....she just forgot). So sweet. And no one deserves moments of delight more than she.

Love you gram, we hope to visit you real soon! xo

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