Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I [heart] field trips!

So my life has been blessed with family and friends who tolerate my passion for craft supplies. We only had two days in Raleigh, but I had to visit Ornamentea. The men folk headed to a nearby sports bar, and my sister came with me (she made the right choice...really she did!).
The shop exudes hospitality. I could have sat right here and absorbed the creative vibes all day.
"Corinne," you say, "are you a jewelry maker?" But if I was, I'd take classes right here.
I recognized all of their art paper - that's what happens when you love paper for a really long time. They did have a lovely selection though for a beginning paper artist - plenty of non-traditional paper which is important.
 My kids would love these paper mache animals.
My sister was a rock star! New ideas were forming for a class I have starting in November and she was willing to help me bag lots and lots of tiny goodness.
Then we found some bracelet-making-supplies for ourselves. We took our supplies home for a quiet Sunday morning, but locals, you can work on your craft right there in the store if you need guidance or hand-holding as you try something new. The whole store was a treat for the senses. The buttons below are simply (but so eclectically) displayed in altered coffee cans that are nailed to the wall.
I love this book's title..speaks to many of the women in my life who say way too fast, "I'm just not creative!"
The ribbon was from another vendor who I just love. I forgot how dreamy that stuff is..what could I make to justify buying a box of it all? (Kidding honey...just in case you're reading!)
Step right up to borrow tools or speak to an expert. The store did not disappoint. It was totally worth the trip!
Thank you Ornamentea! You can check out their blog right here. xo

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