Tuesday, October 19, 2010

State Fair

David and I escaped to North Carolina this weekend to visit my sister and her new beau. We went to the state fair - something we haven't done in way too long.
There was oodles of junk food....
Icecream churned by John Deere motors of course!
We tried the cheeseburger between a Krispy Kreme. Gross? Yep.
 It's always so fun to see the blue ribbon winners. Best hay below - who knew?
 The animals are wonderful. We drank fresh milk from the NC State Dairy.
Seeing all the kids dressed out western and pulling (or being pulled by) their prize-winners was so fun!
 My camera weaknesses were apparent. I have wayyyyyyyy too many photos of animal rumps.
 I can watch craftspeople create all day.
We were surprised to find no authentic Carolina BBQ (vinegar based, not ketchup-like). Overall though, a perfect day! xo

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