Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just being careful not to "under-do"

1. This is the last post where I will mention throwing my back out and all the pain and inconvenience this has caused me and my fam in these past two weeks. Yeah! However, I do want to mention that after this experience (not the first time it's happened, but definitely the worst), my grandchildren will be thankful that I went through it. I learned that I am a horrible horrible person when I am not "all in". My physical limitations took a toll and (while I was laying flat not able to do anything else) I had a big think about what kind of older person I want to be (someday), how many people I know who have persevered through so much more (so so so so so much more), and how it was time to hang up the medical martyr hat and try something new.
 2. So while my loved ones have encouraged me not to overdo it, I'm realizing the advice I really need to follow is to not under-do it. I can do plenty and today the kids and I had a big powwow about doing a little bit each day - fun and work. So today we cleaned the deck - planted small plants for color, shop-vac'ed the deck and furniture, fluffed all the very-ugly-but-still-comfortable cushions and wiped down everything.
 3.  Did I mention that grapes grow no matter what? So now we can sit on our deck as our grapes grow and watch our kids play.
4. And the kids love to be out here too. Daily. Reading always. Glorious.
5. It's not perfect, but it's a project off our list. Just one step closer to the summer we imagined. Yeah... 

Studio Tour Thursdays resumes next week! xo

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