Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trouble in Paradise...

I'm sorry to report that I threw my back out on Saturday and have been almost helpless ever since. Yesterday I did run some errands and attend a picnic that we've been looking forward to...but I overdid it and will be taking it easy yet again today. Our air conditioner is also broken on the first floor. And our road trip to Oklahoma and Texas was cancelled - which is now working out for the best because I don't think I'll be ready to drive long distance by Friday. Our youngest is struggling with all the Harry Potter talk over here and acting out because of it (see photo). Plants are dead in my yard because they haven't been watered enough and I've learned that I haven't actually taught my kids the gardening basics they need. My garden isn't planted - I don't think I've waited this long (and it will be even longer) to plant tomatoes in our whole marriage (when gardening started). We're still thankful over here, but certainly not starting the summer as planned.

Sigh. Just wanted you to know why I wasn't here. I'm hopeful I'll be back by Monday. Thanks always for checking in! xo

P.S. My art room looks great - I was moving furniture on Friday night to make room for the painter. Lesson learned, but the painting does look so terrific - can't wait to show you!

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