Thursday, July 21, 2011

birthday p.s.

Painting done - it's a little "cutesy-er" than I would choose, but it felt great to start and finish something all in one day! I decided to post this photo for two reasons. The obvious is that I do intend to paint more and more, so it will be fun to see my work evolve and (hopefully) improve.

The second is because of what happened on Tuesday. I caught my two oldest children in a very conspiratorial look as they, without words, totally made fun of my singing. Making fun! Of me! Their mother!!!! So I'm watching as the days of them thinking I'm the best singer in the world slip through my fingers. Then, it occurred to me yesterday as they were loving my painting progression, that soon they will also stop believing that I'm the best artist in the world too. Rats.

So I'm posting it as a memory that this birthday was a day when, in the eyes of my children, I couldn't sing, but I could still paint! Amidst all the sleep deprivation and laundry and lunch making and soccer games, it's been nice to be highly regarded in these very small ways for all these years. We had a good run - and maybe, just maybe, Kyle's still on board. Just a wee bit?

Enjoy your Thursdays! xo

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