Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Garden Report - Week 5

Well, the delight of the week is definitely our raspberries! We had a horrible harvest last Fall. No harvest really and I was so worried about what to do this year - start over? Change location (our yard is great, but not big enough to accommodate a new location)? So I let it be and nature healed the way nature always does. We have such a robust "crop" this year that Kyle said it made him wonder if it was Fall. The plants still look a bit motley but the fruit is plentiful and delish. Hooray!

In death news, our pea pods are dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. I don't know what, if anything, we did wrong. I hope I think to plant some more in the Fall, just to see. I can plant beans in a new location.

I realized that if I want to continue to fantasize about keeping bees and chickens, it was time to "woman-up" and take care of garden business on my own. So I thinned out my apples on my trees - it was really hard to do, and I didn't pick them all. I just can't give up the chance for the kids to see an apple grow from beginning to end and if we move (hope we move), we'll have to start over which means they won't have this chance for at least two more years. We only have one lone peach growing on our peach tree and I didn't pick it. 

I have tomatoes in four parts of my yard this year. If we don't sell our home (please please please let us sell our home), I will know for certain where to plant tomatoes next year, won't I?

Green beans, edamame (new to us as a garden item) and sweet potatoes hopefully all going in by next Tuesday. xo

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