Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Garden Report - Week 7

[Note to my future grandma self - there is no week six.]

The word of the week is tomatoes! You have to look carefully, but we're eating a couple small tomatoes every few days.
Our raspberries are still producing by the bowl-full. Can't believe how great this year's harvest has been.
Our peppers are coming in, but I'm a bit concerned that the fruit is coming in too soon for the plant - is this possible? Worried the plant won't be able to hold the weight of this many peppers.
 This purple lovely will hopefully one day be an eggplant.
 And our chamomile is coming in - will we really make tea with it? Really?
We planted beans in our yard in an attempt to grasp the whole "edible landscape" thing and I was worried we would confuse plants with all the weeds we have. Nope. Real food is pretty obvious.
And speaking of weeds (or growing like them actually), look who graduated from 6th grade today. So proud! And he picked that bow tie with toadstools all over it all by himself. I swear. Really. xo

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