Friday, July 26, 2013

Around here lately

 We've been camping with friends...
Humor abounds! (If only you could travel to the Ministry of Magic through the floor by the toilets - pee pee problems would be solved on an international level...sigh...). Joey is especially thrilled by this sticker that Faith found on etsy.
It took several false starts, but I finally have a family hooked on Rummikub - do you know this game? I have so many memories of playing it with my grandma and cousins...and then with friends on the beach when I was in grad school...and then with David when we were dating. This is my third summer of pulling it out sheepishly and saying, "Let's try one more time?" and viola - this summer it stuck!
And it doesn't look like much, but I'm painting. Those might be two of my favorite words "I'm painting!"

Feels great! Wishing you an amazing weekend! xo

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